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Before & After Images

Have fun moving the handles or clicking "before" and "after" to see the difference our photography can make in representing your company.

The architecture firm made a great effort to create a striking interior/exterior relationship on this project. Their bold design of wood and glass within a simple triangular shape reaches skyward with visual lightness and structural elegance. Which image do you think most reinforces this design intent?

Timing is everything on this north-facing mansion. While both images were taken in an identical manner about an hour before sunset, the results are dramatically different. In winter, the sun never makes it around to north facing elevations. Photographing in summer when the sun tracks further north provides the light & shadow, contrast, and saturation that create an image worthy of the subject.

Buildings are vertical, but once a typical camera is pointed up, it makes a building look like it is falling in on itself. The effect is uncomfortable for one viewing the photo, even if they don't realize why. With specialized architectural "perspective-control" lenses and techniques, this distortion can be corrected, resulting in a much more pleasing and successful image.

Dead or alive? Many decisions need to be made to bring a space to life in photography. Selecting camera positions, choosing the right time of day to shoot, adding or removing items, filtering to remove color casts and glare, balancing existing lights and adding supplemental lighting are just some of the decisions made that help an otherwise dull, bland image come alive.

When a building product is made to perform a specific purpose, the photography should reinforce it. The translucent light panels installed at this broadcasting center allow a rather utilitarian building elevation to stand out. The twilight image tells the story that a daylight image just cannot.